Mid-Taiwan predominates mechanical industry and related peripheral industry as well as sales distribution with well-managed development from skill, agency, to marketing; which provokes the founding of this Association, with the concept of mutual contact and cooperation with virtuous competition, by Mid-Taiwan factories of plastic and rubber mechanical and peripheral equipments in 2002, and with formal establishment of Taichung County Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association the next year.

Taichung County Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association changed the name to Taichung Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association in 2011.

This Association has entered the first decade since founding; the well-managed performance with institutional policies can be attributed to the hardship by the leadership of all the Presidents. The membership has been increased to 300 from around 80 ranging from plastics and rubber machinery manufacturing, peripheral equipment, tooling, raw materials and plastic products industries.

More than 10 years, China industries boost and reign the global economy with the leading position on process business; Taiwan plastics and rubber machinery has been replaced gradually and lost the dominance with reduction on growth.

During this period of time, dealers have adjusted the operation and research towards the lightweight and energy-saving development with plenty of movements from energy-saving, intelligent, and fully electric plastic and rubber machinery, modified dual or multiple injection machines, large machines, to multifunctional micro-injection molding machines; which offers the overall output growth.

Advancing the international competitiveness, upgrading by the combination of Taiwan plastic and rubber industry, mechanical industry, and the peripheral industries for brainstorming and mutual aid with peer development on key components and from vicious competition, is indispensable. Meanwhile, our members should implement the initial purposes: peer unification, mutual support, virtuous competition, and forwarding the future together; which can benefit new opportunities for meeting the intellectual design of industry 4.0.

Distribution Map of Membership

8% Rubber and Plastic Extruder.Injecting and Blow Molding Machine

8% Rubber and Plastic Auxiliary Machine / 11% Machinery Componets

20% Plastic Mold / 20% Plastic and Rubber Products / 3% Materials & Masterbatches / 30% Other

member industry graph en

Members Should Implement The Initial Purposes

Peer Unification, Mutual Support, Virtuous Competition, Forwarding the Future Together

Founding Philosophy:

Respect / Tolerance / Solidarity / Win-Win