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Machinery Parts,Plastsic mold cooling components, Quick coupler, Flow controller, Brass connector and Valve.
Our Robot family
(Automatic robot for plastic injection molding machine)

01.Sprue Picker (Take out runner only)
02.Traverse Type Robot (Economical choice)
03.Three-axis servo-drive robot (Popular preferred)
04.Full servo-drive robot (Function preferred)
05.Robot for ultra-large IMM (Exclusive design)
06.Lengthwise type robot (Save space)
07.Cross type robot (Multiple applications)
08.Side-entry style robot (Short cycle time)
09.In-mold labeling automation system (Packaging process)
10.Cutlery packaging automation system (Packaging process)
11.Six axis multiple joints robotic (For post processing, Max.20 Kg)
12.Customized special E.O.A.T. design
13.Customized automatic labor-saving equipment
14.Including the take-out runners and products, cut the sprue, insert and injection, palletizing products, special processes and production line planning, etc.
plastic auxiliary machine,machinery parts
1) Automatic Blow Molding Machine
2) Automatic Accumulative Blow Molding Machine
3) Automatic Co-extrusion Blow Molding Machine
4) One Stage Injection Blow Molding Machine
5) One Stage PET Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine
6) Automatic and Semi-auto PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine
7) Integrate machines production in automation
8) Die head, Mold and optional equipment
Hydraulic valves.Multi-function valves.Poppet valves.
Lift valves.Pressure/Flow/Directional control valves.
Proportional valves
machinery parts
machinery parts,plastic & rubber products
plastic mold,machinery parts
plastic auxiliary machine
machinery parts,other

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